Hello World!

I’ve been thinking about getting myself a blog for a while. As it usually happens, one thinks about it and then puts it at the back burner (for eternity it seems) before the thought comes back; today’s the day: as they say, “If not now, when?”.

I’ll let the first post to speak about what to expect here. But before that, why this title?

Richard Feynman (one of my many heroes) says in Six Easy Pieces – If all of scientific knowledge were to be destroyed and only one sentence was to be allowed to be passed on to the next generations, then the shortest sentence with most amount of information has to be that all things are made of atoms – little particles that move around in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one anotherIn essence, atoms and a little (or lots, as the case maybe) imagination are all that is required to create. Well, atoms and imagination. That’s all the universe needs to make sense of itself, to expand it, make it better.

At core, that’s what we are really. Atoms and imagination.

What to expect out of this website? Well, I don’t really know; anything under the sun maybe? I’ll let this blog evolve on its own and see what shape it takes rather than trying to decide before hand. I read a lot, across genres and domains; I have a feeling I’ll be writing a bit about the books I read, and will me making recommendations too. More often, I imagine it will be how what I read ties to the world we see around us, if the past can help us figure out the present, and make informed guesses about the any part of the future. I think providing a structure to any task helps make much better improvements to it: jotting down my thoughts might should provide a structure to my thinking and help me make constant improvements. If that happens, I am pretty sure it will also be beneficial to the readers.

But like I said.  I really don’t know yet. We’ll see.


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